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What do you do when everything falls apart?
How do you move forward in your life with a baggage of grief around your neck?
In October of 2020, I was finally in a position to move forward with my goals and dreams.  I felt I was really ready to actually achieve my goals.  My husband I were planning our life. Setting our goals and dreams together as we were on the cusp of transitioning into our new life.
By the end of November 2020, I watched all of our dreams and goals die.
However, after the death of my husband, I still had this dim light in my heart.  I still had the desire to keep going.  Thomas would want me to keep going. The desire of still being an author and help women become the Queen of Each One’s Life was still there, deep in my heart.  The light is different for me now; however, the light is still there. The dreams and goals we had are still there.
So if you are a mom, a wife who has suffered a loss, but still have a light in your heart, and still have dreams and goals, head over to our Library, for journals, planners, and color sheets to help you through this turbulent time.
Our Resource Library will be updated regularly to help with ongoing needs. 
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Moving forward with Grief