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Transform your daily routine in real fun and substantial steps…
dare to ditch the neurotypical ways that were not designed for you anyway.

The Quest Body Doubling Membership

Just imagine how great it would feel if you could work towards your goals in simple, sustainable steps. At the same time, adding in tons of fun to your everyday life.

Queen of Your Life is here to bring your vision of life success into reality. We provide videos, autobiles and printables that can be used in your everyday life. Helping you stay organized, motivated and access inner wisdom. Our club also offers a supportive online community with the same goals – living our best lives!

This is truly the most fun site for moms with ADHD!

All for $7 a month. 

Through our membership club, we want everyone to start fresh and feel content during their daily lives, no matter how hectic things get. With two specialized printables delivered straight to their inbox each month, members can look forward to cultivating new perspectives on life within a safe and nurturing space tailored for them.

In addition to helping you manage your day-to-day activities better, being part of our community means surrounding yourself with like-minded women who are passionate about improving their lives. Meet new friends who can inspire and encourage each other as we strive to meet personal goals—all from the comfort of our own homes!

With our selection of monthly printables, you can break free from ordinary life moments and make them more meaningful! The best part is that each design created is unique– so no matter where else you look, these creations are all yours! So let us become your go-to source as you seek ways to express yourself through paper & pen.

Picture it – having access to meaningful content that helps organize your day and thoughts. Learning how to practice body doubling to become more present and engaged with yourself will help create lasting positive change in all areas of life, from personal relationships to professional endeavors. So embrace this opportunity now, and come join our family!

Here's What's Inside the Membership Library...

When you join, you will get the following:

  •  Access to all Video/Audio’s  
  •  Access to all printable downloads 
  •  Access to Monthly 60 minute zoom group call

Each Month, you will also get the following:

  • 2 helpful printable 
  • 3 new video/audios for decluttering and more around the house
  • and bonuses 

All for just $7 a month!

Why A Quest Body Doubling Membership?

Welcome to a membership that’s more than just a bunch of advice on how to do things the way neurotypical way! This is a place where you’ll find people just like you and the tools to really help you work with your brain not against. A place to learn new things, develop your skills, that really help you on your way to self-discovery. We’re so excited to have you here!

The fun of your to-do list will return when you establish a daily rhythm that works for you. I am interested in helping you feel good and secure in building days you control rather than them controlling you. I want you to feel more like a part of your community and aware of how you can take care of yourself and your family. I want you to learn how to actually things done around the home that really truly works. 




What is Body Doubling?
A secret weapon for getting things done?
It’s a clever little trick used by the neurodivergent community.
It means having a buddy (or two!) by your side to help you power through your to-do list. It might seem simple, but having someone to hold you accountable and cheer you on can make all the difference!

What are the benefits of doing Zoom Body Doubling Calls?
One of the biggest benefits is having your own personal cheerleader (or taskmaster if you prefer) while you work towards your goals. Sometimes we need someone else there to keep us accountable and motivated. For example, we are all working on a project over the Zoom call. This helps us accomplish more, knowing others are also working toward a goal.

How do I set up a Zoom Body Double call?
Setting Up A Call is super easy.
All monthly calls will be emailed out a couple of days before, the day before, and about an hour before each call.

I am a mom of 6 beautiful boys, juggling motherhood, a career, and struggling to get up in the morning. Just like you, I’m figuring this out as I go along. I have spent my whole life trying to find ways to get organized and stay organized. I even have a degree in Interior Design. I have been a mother of neurodivergent children for almost 30 years now. So when I say I have been there and I have struggled too. I mean it. This Theme Days Membership was created from the heart with a neurodivergent mind. I understand that everyone is different and everyone needs different dopamine hits. Even the best planner in the world doesn’t set you up for long-term success.