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Welcome, to Quest Body Doubling! I am Terra for those of you who are new. Thank you for stopping by. Here at Quest Body Doubling we are all about getting stuff done while working with your brain not against it. This is a safe space to totally be yourself and learn to love the home you make your life in. 

Welcome, to the exciting voyage of discovering your true potential! Do you know that feeling of peace, warmth and creative energy that sparkles deep within you is in reach. You can have a warm welcoming home. Women often complain that they can’t keep their home clean and organized, but what if the real problem isn’t you?

Most Organizing programs aren’t designed for women like us. And none of them tell how to maintain the organization after the beautiful reveal.  

One of the steps to staying organized after the first few days starts with your mindset. 

Journaling with help you figure out how your brain works. Journaling helps you see what areas of your life are causing you stress and how you navigate your way through. 

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Welcome, Did you that women who fall into the neurodivergent world, do better with getting stuff done when they do it with someone else around? 

It is true, this is called Body Doubling. 

With body doubling it is just easy and natural to get stuff done. 

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Coming home to a peaceful, calm home is one of the biggest dreams of neurodivergent woman. 

Dreams come true when check out the FREE audio podcast about decluttering your home. 

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Welcome, I am so glad you stopped by. 

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Are you ready to reign as the Queen of Your Life? We know you were created for more than the mundane, so we provide you with the royal resources and tools to cultivate a passionate and purposeful life. Navigating a neurotypical world can be tough, but we’re here to give you real concrete strategies without toxic positivity. No more feeling like you’re failing at everything! Our mission is to help you find your voice and live according to your unique values. Because when women thrive, we all reap the benefits! As the queen herself, Katrina Ruth, reminds her private clients all the time, it’s time to break those rules and be unapologetically YOU.

Are you ready to dive headfirst into a world of pure insanity and unabashed ambition? Because that’s exactly where you’ve found yourself! This is the land of fearless go-getters who never settle for the ordinary. Our mission? Make magic happen and crush our goals like cheap beer cans. So welcome, my friend, to the wild and wondrous world of the crazy ones! We know how to have a good time and can’t wait to show you the ropes. So buckle up, and let’s get this party started!

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