Why You Don’t Have To Have A Boring Planner To Be Organized

2023 Planner that will actually help you get stuff done. A planner that will help you get all your thoughts out and stay organized without feeling overwhelmed. 

Most people buy a new planner at the beginning of January. They buy a new beautiful planner so full of hope. They look at the clean, crisp pages with joy and hope. And then, close the planner and never look at it again. They don’t write anything down. They need to find out what the planner offers them. They go on with their day like they haven’t just walked away again from a planner they thought would change their life. 

Introducing the 2023 Theme Days Planner, the last planner you will ever need to stay organized and on top of your life. 

Terra Lewis-Smith — Queen of Your Life

With the 2023 Theme Days Planner You’ll Get: 

  • Wake Up Knowing what you need to get done for that day.
  • Become “That Mom” with your whole day organized. 
  • Get A Hit of Dopamine pretending to live in your favorite character’s world.
  • Start Your Day off Right with a clear picture of how your  day is going to go.
  • Stop Procrastination Cold with this beautiful fun planner you will want to use day after day.
  • Eliminate  Overwhelm start small with simple pages that you can add on. 

Why Your Planner Hasn’t Worked Before

I used to be that mom, you know, the “Hot Mess” mom. I know how much it sucked to always be late. To not remember important dates. I know what it feels like to not be prepared for Spirit Week when your kid needs to wear a green shirt, and I would need to remember to wash it. I know how it affects your confidence as a mom. I know the feeling all too well of looking at the mirror and being disappointed with what you see.

It took me years before I figured out how to manage my days. I would buy planner after planner, hoping that one would be the answer to all my problems. I would lose hope more than once before I found the success of working with my brain and not against it.

I turned myself from a complete hot mess mom to a less hot mess mom, and now you can too.

You want to like what you see in the mirror and in your life. Now you can skip the mistakes and get that confident mom who has her shit together.

Sneak Peak At Your Theme Days Journey 

  • Theme Days Planner Guide Book
  • Theme Days Monthly Planner 
  • Theme Days Weekly Planner
  •  Beautiful Easy Pages to Help You Stay Organized
  • Feel More In Control of Your Days.
  • Once a month zoom calls to help you stay on track.  

There Are 3 Things To Focus On!

If you’re after a calm, successful and smooth day. There are 3 things that will help you through your day. 

Soul is #1 at Theme Day Planner because your Soul remembers how to have fun. Your soul remembers how to be child like.

Body is #2  our body needs to stay in the best shape to help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. In the Theme Day Planner there are sections to get your fitness goals accomplished. 

Home is #3 because your home is where you should feel the most calm and peaceful. The Theme Days Planner has sections that can be added on for keeping the home. 

My Theme Days Planner Guarantee 

My Guarantee to you is that if you follow the Theme Days in this the Planner. You will start seeing your days in different light and start getting stuff done. 

You Want To Start Feeling more in control of how your day goes? 

You want to feel good about your days?

The Themes Day Planner will deliver that and more. 

Click The Link Below To Start Taking Charge of Your Days.

Do I need a printer?


Do I need to have a book character to follow the Theme Days Planner?

No. You can have any type of theme you want to help you get through your days.