Walking Through the Fog Volume 3

A Grief Journal

Feel like you are walking in a fog and you can’t get out of bed  because no matter how much you want to,  no matter how much you want to just do one normal thing, you never seem to be able to just get up, to get a shower, or get up to get a cup of coffee.

There is hope,

Here is a journal that will get you back on track for just one moment in time. 

With real deep and raw questions that will help you prepare for the everyday moments that really hits you out of nowhere.  You know that the anniversaries and the special holidays will be hard, however as I and other widows have discovered the normal everyday things that can send you into a downward spiral that seemly comes out of nowhere. 

With the questions in this journal you can begin with the healing process, with gaining clarity in your everyday life.  You can have a glimpse of the things that can come up for you and how you can prepare yourself to at least be aware of it… it can help you with the acceptance of this deeply painful time in your life… You can brace yourself for the impact, to hopefully at least help you until you are ready to go home or go to bed so you can cry.

This journal has 15 real deep questions…

With wide lines for sloppy, crying writing and two pages for each journaling prompt. 

This is to help you with the little and the big things that will come up in your life as you adjust to just being OK. This journal is to help you in this difficult season in your life with encouragement and hope. 

With love, there is always hope.

For yourself or for someone you love who lost someone they love, this journal is a beautiful way to deal with this difficult and painful season. 


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