The Ultimate Guide to ADHD Moms Making Relaxing Days a Reality

Have you ever needed help moving forward with your tasks and goals?

 Do you feel like you are constantly juggling a million different things without making any progress? Welcome to motherhood! It’s time to get creative and come up with some fun ways to get more done. One of the most effective strategies ADHD moms can use is creating Theme Days using characters from childhood. This ultimate guide will help you get started so that you can experience the rhythm and dopamine boost of themed days while still achieving your goals!

What Are Themed Days?

Themed days are a way of organizing your day into manageable chunks. They involve assigning certain tasks or activities to particular themes or characters. For example, you might assign “Minnie Mouse Monday” as the day for cleaning, doing laundry, and grocery shopping; “Tinkerbell Tuesday” for tackling projects around the house; “Winnie the Pooh Wednesday” to focus on self-care; “Thumper Thursday” for errands; etc. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to assigning themes.

How Can Themed Days Help ADHD Moms?

Themed days can be especially helpful for ADHD moms because they provide structure and routine without feeling overwhelming or rigid. When planning out your themed days, include activities that bring joy and calm in addition to tasks that need to be completed. Incorporating fun activities like drawing or playing games into your schedule will help keep things interesting while giving your brain much-needed breaks from more mundane tasks like laundry and dishes. This balance of work and play helps keep stress levels low while allowing you to check items off your list throughout the week.

Another great thing about themed days is that they allow older kids (who may also have ADHD) to jump in and help with chores around the house in an enjoyable way that won’t feel like too much work. In addition, assigning tasks based on characters they already love will make them more likely to participate willingly—and having extra hands around can be invaluable! Plus, it gives parents something fun they can do together with their kids.

How Can I Get Started With Themed Days?

To create a successful theme day plan, begin by breaking down what needs to get done into small chunks that fit within each theme day’s scope—but don’t make them too small! Each task should take no longer than 15 minutes to avoid becoming tedious or unproductive (research shows this is optimal). Once you have a list of all the tasks that need completing each week, assign each one a character or theme day—keeping in mind which tasks would pair well together (for example, grocery shopping/meal prep could go together under “Mickey Mouse Monday”). Then just sit back and enjoy watching your productivity soar!


No matter how overwhelmed mothers feel by their never-ending lists of responsibilities, there is hope! Utilizing themed days provides structure while allowing room for creativity and fun—all essential components of managing motherhood and ADHD successfully! By breaking down long-term goals into manageable chunks throughout each week, mothers can find themselves getting more done while feeling less stressed out than ever before. So grab those childhood characters off the shelf, dust them off, and let’s get planning those themed days! You’ve got this mama bear!


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