Partner with me & start creating a home you love coming home to!

Declutter and organize your home and keep it that way!


  • have more than one doom pile around your home.
  • you have watched all the home organizing shows on Netflix.
  • you think you are good planner, but never seem to get anything done.
  • have tried to organize home many times before however, it never seems to stay organized. 
  • you can put things back where they go, but you live with people who don’t.
  • you have walked by your doom piles today and said, “I’ll get to that later”. 
  • you love to create a routine that you can stick to but still be flexible. 


You just need some tricks, tips and tools and a body doubler to guide you towards the warm, welcoming and peaceful home you have always dreamed of.

And that’s exactly what I’m here for. That’s what brings me joy and passion and freedom.


I’m here to teach you the basic skills of decluttering your home

You’ll discover how your unique brain is and how to work with your brain in order to have the home you have always dreamed of.

You’ll have the freedom to lean how to declutter and organize your home.

With the tips, tricks and tools in our free and paid membership libraries , you become the Queen of your castle.

The coolest part? Your ideas are limitless.

With having someone by your side every step of the way you will be able to complete the task you start. You will be able to follow through on the projects that you have been putting off.

you can declutter and organize your home at your own pace

We have a full library of Body Doubling Quests that you can do on your time and at your pace. With body doubling videos you can watch over and over again.

Hi, I'm Terra Lewis-Smith

Is this real life?!

For many years I went threw my life with one unfinished project after another. I went from one hobby to another hobby wondering why in the world I could never finish anything. 

My home was always a mess and spent so many hours looking for things I had lost. 

I spent years of shame and guilt wondering what in the world was wrong with me.

Then one day I stumbled over a blog about Body Doubling.

What in the world was Body Doubling?

Turns out my best friend and I had been doing it for years. Every few months or so we would go over to each others home and help each other clean out our homes. 

And when I helped my clients organize their homes sometimes I would just sit there and they would most of the work. 

Now, that is what I do with my clients is I help them declutter and organize their homes along side them.  I even have tips and tricks to help you stay organized long after the decluttering is done. 



Meet Terra