Hi There,

I'm Terra Lewis-Smith

My amazing 1:1 clients are women who want to have more in their everyday life.

They are the wife and moms who their role more than anything and feel truly blessed to be the role that God has given them, however, they have this longing in their hearts deep down in their soul that they were never made for normal but at the same time –

Know that they are in some way here to help the world live a better kind of normal.

They Are

The Ones Who Want To Leave The World A Better Place

Ones Who's Really Are Living The Life of Their Dreams on Their Terms

Others look to them, and wonder:

How does she do it all?

How is She SO on time, so much of the time?

How on earth do they show up so put together and still grounded at the same time.

Here is what the others don't know:

Joining the Kingdom, Is a Lifelong Sisterhood

That’s how amazing this group is.

At the end of Becoming the Queen of Your Life, you get to become a part of the very active alumni group, with many successful women from past groups who continue to celebrate wins, problem-solve, and share their wisdom and knowledge about being a wife, a mother, a businesswoman and walking with the Lord.

Join a 6-Week LIFE mastermind and get a lifelong sisterhood. 

Queen of Your Life

is a mastermind for spiritual women ready to use their abilities to grow in their walk and change the world.

The goal is two-fold:

  • Discover, grow, and nurture your abilities and use those to connect deeply with your ideal clients (spiritual gifts, intuition, however you want to call, you’ve got it buried deep in there.)
  • Create a life that is calling out to you. The one where you can’t ignore anymore, and really just to fall in love with how authentic and delicious it all feels.

Who's it for?

If you feel called by something greater than yourself to make a REAL impact in this life - this is for you.

Our Values

We believe we have been called by God to fulfill a mission using the gifts and talents that God has given us.

What's Included in Queen of Your Life:

  • 6 weekly group calls – one hot seat call for deep coaching and one Q+A call
  • Private Facebook group –
  • Pop-Up Guest Experts –
  • Weekly office hours to speak with me – you’ll be provided with a questionnaire to help you get clear on your needs, so we get right to work on the call.
  • (2) Office Hours Upgrades tack on an extra 15 minutes (twice!) to your weekly office hours session to get more focused help from me
  • “Show & Tell” spots to go live and get feedback from the group – to encourage live video experience, public speaking, and to engage with your Queen of Your Life Sisters…

Create memories

with your Queen of Your Life sisters that will last a lifetime...