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~For Such A Time As This~

There are so many people who cater to ADHD and so many others who support people with Grief, but what happens when you find yourself struggling with both at the same time? 

Well, Hello There

I'm Terra Lewis Smith

This is what I believe about success, I believe it is about finding out who you really are how you really work. Success is learning to find the joy again in your life. Success is about learning to make your brain work for you.  Learning the real little habits that move your life forward. Success in learning to work through your pain.


You have always marched to your own beat; you have always been one step ahead.

That dancing to your own beat you’ve got going on? It’s not that you even really TRIED to march to your own beat, actually … although you’re not complaining. 

But on the other hand, you have never really felt like you fit in. You have always had these thoughts that you weren’t doing things right and that there might be something wrong with you.

But no, you didn’t set out to dance to your own beat, to live your life looking in. You never planned that the norms were not for you. 

It just kind of … happened.

Somewhere between growing up and doing the right thing and trying to fit in and TRYING desperately to be cool, accepted, validated, approved of, MADE worthy, the music.

You started to … notice things.

THINK about things.

In the mist of the pain and loss,

And most of all, or so it’s often seemed?

You started to question the “box” that everyone was trying to fit into.

You started thinking that maybe, just maybe, you weren’t meant to fit into the “box.” 

And you started to notice that there really isn’t even a box.

You started to notice the idea of being a good grown-up … entrepreneur … creative … DRIVEN person … SUCCESSFUL person …

Is all wrong; you have started to notice that doing things outside of the box is what you should be living and have wanted to live all along. 

You were always going to give in to being you.

And whether it’s in business –

Or in art –

Or simply in the madness of living your LIFE, and wanting on doing things YOUR WAY –

You have noticed that it hasn’t always been, as you’ve wanted so far, this whole there was never a box thing, has it?

So often you’ve felt lost –

Alone –


And worst of all, you’ve QUESTIONED yourself, over and over again, wondering and worrying if, in fact, you ARE complete, crazy, completely lazy- 

Let me reassure you –

You are. Like – SERIOUSLY next level crazy.

But this is a good thing; you see you have cracked the code, there is no box, and there has never been.  

That you WERE born for a purpose.

You know this from the bottom of your soul, but the thing is, you have never known how to make this happen. And if you have suffered a great loss in your life, you feel even more lonely, crazy, and lazy. 

You have tried and done all the things that you thought were right, only to end up nowhere close to your goal.  

You have thought so many times that “You should have things figured out by now.” 

I always believed I was born for more.

It was a feeling and a KNOWING inside of me for as long as I can remember.

I even went to college…

I got married… 

I had kids…

I checked all the boxes…

But, I felt like a failure all the time. 

I couldn’t get the kids to school on time; I never arrived at the doctors’ appointment on time.

I could never get my kids to do their homework.

I always fought with my ex-husband because I didn’t know how to let go of the perfect. 

I felt alone, I felt crazy and lazy…

Fast forward to NOW, and my business is completely location-free; I literally do whatever I f WANT all day, every day … 

This is to say I pursue what brings me joy, whether it be creating, mentoring, writing … doing a DYI project … or just doing whatever my soul needs me to do for ME … and I also make 6-figures per MONTH doing so.

I created my life by design.

And so can you.


And you’ve ALWAYS known that.

I have learned who I am and how my brain works.

I have learned to listen to my soul and learn things the way I need to. 

I learned how to use a day planner…

I learned how to find joy every day while still in deep sorrow. 

I have learned how to actually be on time most days, 

I have learned how to do the things that actually get my business and my life moving forward.  

It’s not going to happen just because you want it to.

You ARE going to have to do the work.

But really, it’s not hard once you realize that you are, in fact, not lazy, you are not crazy, that there is nothing wrong with you, you can finally step into the life you were created to be.  

You can do it. And this is the place to do it.  

 Who is Terra Lewis-Smith?

Terra is a writer, creator, and digital entrepreneur.

Terra is also a widow, a mother who lost a baby, divorced woman.

Terra was the girl who always talked too much in class, who knew too much about everyone to get close to anyone. As a result, she felt alone in this world before you realized it was different, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t still have the life she was created to be.  

Terra teaches that you really CAN have it all on your terms, but you have to be willing to say ‘screw the system,’ You have to be willing to say no to the invisible box.

You can contact Terra @ terralewissmith@gmail.com.


Welcome to the Inner Court…

I have learned to find joy in the everyday with a good book in hand, a cup of coffee in one of my 100 different favorite mugs.

I teach women how to build a life that they know they were meant to live.  How to really use their brain without trying to fix who they are. I teach them to  fill their souls with pure joy in the middle of pain. 

And, Next to God and my family, is really one of my favorite things in life, and I’ll never ever stop living my passion. Neither should you.


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