About Me

Well, Hello There

I'm Terra Lewis Smith

I’m a true Seattlite currently living South of Seattle. That said,  my heart never left. A Seattlite through and through, I’m wildly passionate and dedicated to chasing that first cup of coffee in the morning, enjoying a walk through the rain, and finding my passion in my everyday life….

And one of those things happens to be helping creative women build thriving business.

Welcome to the Inner Court…

I’m happiest with a good book on my e-reader, a cup of coffee in one of my 100 different favorite mugs, and depending on the day, either Top Christian Hits or 80’s dance music on Alexa.

I teach women how to build a peaceful home and successful businesses that play to their strengths and fill their souls with pure joy.

And, Next to God and my family, is really one of my favorite things in life, and I’ll never ever stop living my passion. Neither should you.


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